Tournament Schedule 2003-2004


Month Date Day Lake Start/weigh-in times Per/ diem Entry Fee Lodging Ramp
Jul 5th Sat Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir Safelight-1200 $10 $20   Stillhouse Marina
Aug 9th Sat Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir Safelight-1100,1800-2400 $10 $20   Stillhouse Marina/Rivers Bend Park
Sep 13th Sat Lake Waco Safelight-1500 $20 $20   Speegleville Park #3
Oct 11th Sat Lake Austin Safelight-1500 $20 $20   Hwy 360 Ramp,Map Point B
Nov 8th Sat Lake Belton Safelight-1500 $10 $20   Temple Lake Park
Dec 13th Sat Lake Decker Safelight-1500 $20 $20   Walter E. Long Metro Park
Jan 10th Sat Lake Bastrop Safelight-1500 $25 $20   North Shore Park
Feb 14th-15th Sat/Sun Fayette County Reservoir Safelight-1500, Safelight-1400 $35 $25 $50 Prairie Park
Mar 13th-14th Sat/Sun Fayette County Reservoir Safelight-1500, Safelight-1400 $35 $25 $50 Prairie Park
Apr 10th-11th Sat/Sun O.H. Ivie Safelight-1500, Safelight-1400 $45 $25 $60 Kennedy Park
May 15th-16th Sat/Sun Lake Livingston Safelight-1500, Safelight-1400 $50 $25 $55 Point Blank Ramp
Jun 12th Sat Lake Limestone Safelight-1500 $40 $20   Limestone County Park #2

Totals for the Year!!!

$300 $260 $215

* Per diem is based on Lake size, distance from Killeen Texas and if the tournament is a one or two day tournament.



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