Open "Big Bass" Tournament Rules

  1. These rules and regulations shall be strictly followed. It is each contestant’s responsibility to read and fully understand these rules and regulations. Any contestant may be disqualified for noncompliance. All entrants agree by signing that: 1) decisions of the tournament officials will be final without recourse, and; 2) Central Texas Bass Anglers (CTBA) or its members shall not be held liable for any claim of any type arising from participation in this tournament.

  1. This is a BIG BASS tournament. Entry fee is $10 per contestant per tournament day. Each contestant may weigh in only one bass each tournament day. The bass may be a large mouth or a small mouth, 14" or longer. Three places will be paid:

1st place - 50% of the total entry fees for that tournament day

2nd place - 20% of the total entry fees for that tournament day

3rd place - 10% of the total entry fees for that tournament day

              Ties shall be decided by the flip of a coin.

  1. CTBA reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone who has previously been disqualified from any fishing tournament for a rule violation. Anyone who has guided for pay on Stillhouse Reservoir in the last 12 months may not participate.

  2. Any contestant who displays poor sportsmanship, violates these rules and regulations, or violates any federal, state, or local game law will be disqualified for that tournament day. Disqualification from future CTBA tournaments shall be at the sole discretion of the tournament director.

  3. Entry fees must be paid in cash, in full prior to 6:30AM on each tournament day at the Stillhouse Marina Store. Contestants must complete the information required on the envelope and place the envelope with entry fee enclosed (and Signed Parental Consent if needed) in the CTBA lock box at the Stillhouse Marina Store.

  4. Stillhouse Reservoir is off limits to any contestant from 9:00PM on Friday before each tournament day until 5:30AM on that tournament day.

  5. Contestants may be on the water at 5:30AM on the tournament day but may not fish until 6:30AM.

  6. Weigh-in time is 12:00 Noon at Stillhouse Marina Store. Contestants not in line for weigh-in at 12:00 Noon will be scored as 0 weight for that tournament day.

  7. Contestants must be adequately equipped to keep fish alive prior to weigh-in. Only live fish will be weighed and will be released back to Stillhouse Reservoir by CTBA immediately following weigh-in.

  8. Contestants shall bring only one fish to the weigh-in. Fish must be brought to weigh-in in a bag or other container with water.

  9. Only one, live Black bass (14" or longer) will be weighed. Short or dead fish will be scored as 0 weight for that tournament day.

  10. Fish brought to weigh-in must have been caught personally by the contestant, on Stillhouse Reservoir, during official tournament hours of 6:30AM to 12:00 Noon that tournament day.

  11. Only artificial bait may be used. Pork trailers and attractant scents are allowed.

  12. Each contestant may have only one line in the water at a time.

  13. No trolling under combustion engine power is allowed.

  14. Trailering is allowed.

  15. Boating, bank fishing, wading, belly boating, etc. is allowed.

  16. All Federal, State, and local laws, rules, and regulations shall be obeyed.

  17. No alcoholic beverages or drugs other than prescribed shall be consumed during tournament hours.

  18. Any contestant under 18 years of age MUST have the following Parental Consent signed by his/her legal parent or

    guardian and submitted to CTBA prior to any participation in this tournament (s).


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