Constitution & Bylaws



Killeen, Texas

Founded in 1998





       Section 1: Name and affiliation


    A.    This club shall be called the Central Texas Bass Anglers, (CTBA), and will remain an affiliate of the Honey Hole BCA in accordance with the following requirements:

        1.    Approval by Honey Hole BCA.

        2.    Provide Honey Hole BCA with a club membership roster once each year.

        3.    Maintain 100% Honey Hole BCA membership.



Section 2. Purpose:

    A.    To stimulate public awareness of bass fishing as a major sport; to promote full adherence and legal enforcement of state regulatory standards; to detect and report to proper authorities, any polluter or violator of those standards; to advise public and political officials on matters relating to the sport of bass fishing; to improve our skills as bass anglers, through fellowship and a friendly exchange of bass fishing techniques and ideas; to promote and encourage youth fishing; to function as a dynamic and effective link with other clubs embracing the principles and purposes of the Honey Hole Bass Club Affiliation.


    Section 1: Membership Requirements

    A.    Must be at least 18 years of age unless parent, grandparent or legal guardian is an active member in good standing.  Then minimum age will be 16 years of age.

    B.    Applicant expresses an interest in club membership.

    C.    Requests membership at a regular club meeting.

    D.    Nominated by an active club member in good standing.

    E.    Affirmed by a simple majority of those members present when vote is taken.  Vote is by secret ballot outside the presence of the applicant. 

    F.    Join Honey Hole BCA, and agree to pay all club dues.

    G.    Agrees to abide by club bylaws and tournament rules.  Does so by undersigning the CTBA bylaws once each year.

    H.    Membership shall be effective upon payment of all club dues and affiliation with Honey Hole BCA.

    I.    If applicant is denied membership, he/she must wait one full year before reapplying.


     Section 2: Club Dues and Fees

    A.    Members affiliate with the Honey Hole BCA by subscribing to Honey Hole magazine.  Cost is approximately $20 per year.

    B.    CTBA membership dues are $60.00 per year.  Renewal date for all members is in July.


        1.    New members joining after July will pay prorated dues for the remainder of the year.   This is figured at five (5) dollars a month multiplied by the number of months remaining in the year.


        2.    New members must pay club dues and Honey Hole subscription within one (1) month of joining or prior to fishing a club tournament-whichever comes first.

        3.    Renewing members must pay club dues and Honey Hole subscription within one (1) month of renewal date or prior to fishing a club tournament-whichever comes first.  


        4.    Club membership dues are not refundable.  Exceptions for refunding club dues must be approved by a simple majority of the membership.

    Section 3. Membership Status

    A.    Active members in good standing are entitled to vote on club business, and to fully participate in club meetings, functions and tournaments.


        1.    Members maintain good standing in the club by keeping all dues and fees paid up to date, and by actively participating in club functions.


        2.    A member shall be considered in good standing unless club action has placed his/her membership on another status.

    B.    Suspended member is not entitled to vote on club business nor may they participate in club meetings, functions or tournaments.


        1.     A member may be suspended for an act that reflects dishonor or disgrace upon the club, or for failing to meet membership requirements.


        2.     A member may be suspended if he/she becomes more than two months delinquent in dues, fails to renew Honey Hole subscription, and/or has not participated in any club functions for three consecutive months, unless they have resigned, (see paragraph C below).


        3.     A member that is suspended by the club membership for cheating in a fishing tournament or club sponsored event will be immediately dropped from the club’s roles with no further recourse or future eligibility. 


        4.     To initiate suspension proceedings against a member, a motion must be made and seconded to proceed.  A 2/3 vote by those members present will be required to place a member on suspended status.  Vote will be by secret ballot.


        5.     A member who has been suspended (except in the case of paragraph 3) will remain suspended for a minimum of six months.  They may then apply for reinstatement at a regular club meeting.  A suspended member seeking reinstatement, must pay any necessary dues or fees, and be approved by a 2/3 vote of those members present.  Vote will be conducted in the same manner as an application for new membership.


        6.     If a suspended member is denied reinstatement, he/she shall be dropped from the club roster, and then must wait one full year to apply as a new member.

    C.    Resigned Member


        1.    An active member in good standing may resign at any time, but must notify the club secretary of his/her intentions.


        2.    An active member who resigns in good standing may re-activate their membership at any regular club meeting.  A member resigned in good standing will be automatically reactivated without vote upon payment of any necessary dues or fees.




    Section 1: Executive Council


    A.    The executive council will consist of four positions elected from and by the club membership.  The positions are President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The executive council has overall responsibility for conducting and overseeing club business, disciplinary, and grievance hearings.

    B.    President:  Executive power shall be vested in the office of the President.  The President shall preside over all club meetings, direct all official club business, appoint and direct all committees, and supervise all club functions.  The President shall have the right to vote in officer elections, but otherwise may only vote to make or break a tie or abstain in other club business.  

    C.    Vice-President:  The vice-president shall act as program chairman for all formal programs presented to the membership and shall assist the President in performance of duties and will preside in the absence of the President. 

    D.    Secretary:  The Secretary, or interim Secretary shall maintain accurate minutes of all meetings and functions; furnish the minutes to the President for membership approval at each meeting; maintain administrative and attendance records; serve as liaison between the club and the Honey Hole BCA; maintain club membership roster and furnish it to the membership on a monthly basis; furnish to the membership an agenda for the general membership business meeting 1 week in advance; furnish to the membership un-approved meeting minutes for review and amendments; submit club roster to Honey Hole BCA each year.  Maintain records for Sportsman of the Year Award.

    E.    Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall maintain the club’s financial records; collect membership dues, and special assessments as necessary; distribute club funds approved by the membership; notify the President of members delinquent in paying dues; submit financial reports to the membership for approval upon request by the President; club’s financial records will be subject to audit at any time; shall present the membership with a written close-out financial report for approval at the end of the year. 

    Section 2: Election of Officers

    A.    Officers shall be elected annually at the first club meeting in June.  Separate elections shall be held for each office with the exception of the position of vice-president.  The out-going president shall become the vice-president for the next year.  If the outgoing President is unable to fill the office of vice-president, then an election will be held to fill that position.

    B.    Each active member in good standing is entitled to one vote in each election. 

    C.    Eligibility to hold office will be based on the following:

        1.    Be in good standing for at least six months prior to the election.


        2.    Demonstrate an active interest in the club.

    Section 3: Election Procedures

    A.    The President shall conduct the election with the Secretary and Treasurer responsible for counting votes.

    B.    All nominations for each office will be by voice and must be seconded.

    C.    Elections, from nomination to final vote will be counted for one office at a time in the following order; Treasurer, Secretary, President, Vice-President (if necessary).

    D.    Votes will be cast by secret ballot and will be counted by the Secretary and Treasurer.  

    E.    A simple majority is required for an individual to be elected.  A simple majority is defined as a number of votes totaling one more than half of the total number of persons voting.

    F.    In the event there are more than two persons nominated for an office, and any one person does not receive a simple majority, the top two nominees will be voted upon a second time.

    Section 4: Term of Office

    A.    The term of office for all elected positions is one year, starting July 1 and ending June 30. 

    B.    In the event of a special election to fill a vacancy, the new official’s term shall also end on June 30.

    Section 5: Elected Office Vacancies

    A.    If a vacancy occurs in the office of the President, the Vice-President shall immediately become the President and will fill that position for the remainder of the year.  A special election will be held to fill the position of Vice-President.

    B.    If a vacancy occurs in any other elected office, the President shall call a special election at the earliest opportunity to fill the vacancy.

    Section 6: Appointed Positions

    A.    The President shall appoint a tournament director by the first meeting in July.  The President may appoint other positions or committee chairpersons as needed.  All appointed positions serve at the discretion of the President.

    B.    The tournament director:

        1.    Serves as chairman of the tournament committee and perform duties in accordance with club bylaws and tournament rules.  Forms a tournament committee to review the tournament rules, develop a tournament schedule and establish a tournament per Diem rate.

        2.    A per diem rate is established for each tournament and is designed to ensure expenses are shared between the boater and non-boater.  It is paid by the non-boater to the boater.

        3.    Submits tournament schedule, rules and per diem rate to the membership for approval.  Vote shall be by a show of hands.  A simple majority of members present is needed to accept the tournament rules, schedule and per diem rate.

        4.    Maintains and furnishes copies of the approved tournament rules, schedule and per diem rate to the membership.

        5.    Briefs and conducts all tournament business and maintains accurate records of tournament results and current club standings for Angler of the Year and the Top Six Team.

        6.    Has exclusive responsibility for interpreting tournament rules and has the final decision in all matters of protest; bears full responsibility for all tournament fees collected and the payout of it; will withhold all monies affected by protest until the matter is resolved.




    Section 1: Sportsman of the Year Award

    A.    Awarded to the member amassing the greatest total of Sportsman’s Points from July 1 through June 30 of each year. 

    B.    Sportsman of the Year Points are earned under the following criteria:


        1.    Members receive ten, (10) points for each club meeting, club tournament or club function they attend.  Members also receive ten (10) points for participating in the 1st Saturday Open Tournaments. 


        2.    Members receive ten, (10) points for each new member they bring into the club, and whose club dues and fees are paid in full.


        3.    Members receive ten, (10) points for serving on a committee.

    Section 2: Angler of the Year Award

    A.    Awarded to the member amassing the greatest total of Angler of the Year Points from July 1 through June 30 of each year.

    B.    Angler of the Year Points are earned under the following criteria:


        1. Member will receive three, (3) points for each legal fish scored during club tournaments.


        2. Member’s total weight scored in pounds/hundreds for fish caught during club tournaments is then added to the points described above for a point total.

    Section 3: Lunker of the Year Award

    A.    Awarded to the member catching the biggest bass, (by weight) at a club sanctioned tournament for the year.

    B.    The “Big Bass” winner from each club tournament will compete for this award.

    Section 4: Honey Hole Top Six Championship

    A.    The club’s representatives at the Honey Hole Top Six Championship shall be selected in the order of Top Six Points accumulated from July 1 through June 30 of each year with the following exceptions:

        1.    A minimum of three (3) boaters must be on the Top Six Team


        2.    If a selected Top Six team member can not attend the tournament or must be replaced with a boater to comply with Honey Hole requirements, their position on the team will be offered to the next member in order of Top Six point accumulation and qualification for the position.

    B.    Top Six Points are earned under the following criteria:

        1.    Top Six Points are awarded at each regular club tournament based on the weight of the individual member’s catch, down to 8th place.  Heaviest individual weight will receive fifty (50) points, 2nd will receive forty-five (45) points, 3rd will receive forty (40) points, 4th will receive thirty-five (35) points continuing to 8th place which will receive fifteen (15) points.

        2.    All other members who fished the club tournament but did not weigh-in fish shall receive five (5) points to be counted towards Top Six standings.

        3.    To break ties that may occur in the final Top Six standings, or to fill an open position on the Top Six team, Angler of the Year standings shall be used first and then Sportsman of the Year points if necessary.

    C.    Club representatives for limited participation tournaments will be selected in the same manner as stated above when they occur using current Top Six point standings.

    Section 5: Eligibility for Club Awards, Top Six Team

    A.    Member must be in good standing with the club and Honey Hole BCA and have all dues paid.

    B.    Eligibility for club awards and Top Six Team shall be verified by the secretary, treasurer and tournament director.


    Section 1:  Club Meetings

    A.    Club meetings are held at Hallmark Lanes in Killeen on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.   Meetings start at 7pm.  Meetings are conducted using parliamentary procedures according to Robert’s Rules of Order.  Proper decorum and mutual respect for all members shall be the rule at all meetings and functions.

    B.    The 1st Wednesday meeting of each month will focus primarily on tournament draw business for scheduled tournament, and,  any time sensitive, or emergency issues approved by the Club President. The 3rd Wednesday will be for General membership business.

    C.    The President may call special club meetings or executive council meetings as necessary.

    Section 2:  Club Tournaments

    A.    Club tournaments are conducted in accordance with club tournament rules.  The competitive tournament year runs from 1 July through June 30. 

    B.    Tournament dates are approved by the membership and shall not be changed unless the tournament director due to emergencies, severe weather, etc. cancels the tournament.  The future of the rescheduled tournament will be decided at the next club meeting.  Tournament site may be changed by a simple majority of members present.

    C.    Club tournaments are “partner draw” tournaments.  Partners are drawn at the club meeting preceding the tournament.  It is each person’s responsibility to notify the tournament director of his/her intentions to fish prior to, or at the time partners are drawn.    In the event an open seat exists and a member in good standing finds he can fish after the “partner draw”, he may only fish as a non-boater in the one available seat.  Once the tournament director has filled this seat the tournament will be closed to all.

    D.   Participation and eligibility:  Participation is limited to active members in good standing, family members and guests of the CTBA.  Participants under the age of eighteen (18) may only fish if accompanied by a parent, grandparent or their legal guardian, exception is made for active members in good standing as of June 2002.

    E.    A family member of the CTBA and Guests may fish three (3) tournaments per tournament year, per

CTBA Angler. Family members or guests must fish with a CTBA member, and may not fish consecutive CTBA tournaments with the same member.  No one may fish a club tournament on a lake that they have advertised as/or been paid as a fishing guide in the past year.

    F.    Registration:  Active members in good standing will be allowed to register first, then family members and finally guests.  All participants will register as a boater or non-boater, family member or guest. The Tournament Director will make every attempt to have sufficient boats (registered boaters) to accommodate all non-boaters, family members, and guests registered for the draw. Under no circumstances will more than two participants be drawn for a tournament boat.

    G.    Partner Draw Process:  Boaters are paired with drawn non boaters, family members, or guests to make teams for the tournament. The draw will continue until no other teams can be made. In the event insufficient boats are available to accommodate all non-boaters, family members, and guests, then the order for elimination from the draw process will be guests 1st, family members 2nd, non-boaters 3rd, or until a balance of boaters and partners are achieved.

        1.    Boater is guaranteed his boat, but may be limited to straight weight and weigh only 5 fish, as described below.

    H.    In the event there are more boats available after all non-boaters, family member, and guests have been exhausted to draw from, the draw will continue with the following guidelines.

        1.    The 1st name to be draw will be considered the “boater“.

         2.    The 2nd name to be drawn will have the option to be partnered with the 1st name drawn “boater“. If the 2nd name drawn still decides to take their boat, they will get straight weight and only weight in 5 fish.

        3.    The 3rd name to be drawn will have the option to be partnered with the 1st name drawn “boater”, and will not have the option to partner with the 2nd name drawn. If the 3rd name drawn still decides to take their boat, they will get straight weight and only weigh in 5 fish.

         4.    If all names are drawn and no one decides to fish as a partner with the 1st name drawn “boater”, then the 1st name drawn “boater” will get weight and a half.


G.    Entry fee for all participants is $20.00 per person.  The distribution is $15.00 for team cash awards and $5.00 for Big Bass Pot.  All registered participants are eligible for tournament cash awards. Tournament entry fees must be paid prior to the start of the tournament, (every effort should be made to pay entry fees at the time partners are drawn).


    Section 1:  Club Funds

    A.    All debts incurred by the club are paid from club funds.  Expenditures exceeding $25.00 (not already obligated under the provisions of the club bylaws) must be approved by a simple majority of members present prior to obligation of club funds.

    B.    Club funds are obligated for the following:

         1.    Sportsman of the Year:  Shall receive ten (10) percent of all membership dues collected for the year from 1 July through 30 June.

        2.    Angler of the Year:  Shall receive ten (10) percent of all membership dues collected for the year from 1 July through 30 June.

          3. Lunker of the Year:  Shall receive ten (10) percent of all membership dues collected for the year from 1 July through 30 June.

          4. Team entry fee for the Honey Hole BCA Top Six Championship.  Honey Hole BCA Top Six Championship is usually held in October.

          5. Club Awards Banquet; the membership shall have the opportunity to vote to either obligate club funds or pay as you go.

    Section 2: Amendments

    A.    The normal process for accepting or amending the club bylaws will start in July each year.  Amendments will be submitted in writing and made in the form of a motion.  The motion must be seconded for any further discussion.

    B.    Amendments shall then be discussed, debated, evaluated and then voted. This process shall be completed by the last meeting in August.

    C.    Voting on amendments shall be by a show of hands.  A simple majority of members present is needed to accept the club bylaws or to ratify an amendment.


    D.    Ratified amendments shall be entered into the minutes of the club meeting.  The Secretary shall publish and distribute the amended and accepted bylaws to the club membership.


    E.     Once the club bylaws and/or tournament rules have been accepted by the membership for the year, any further amendments should be a special circumstance or emergency measure which would be in the club’s best interest.  In this case will require a unanimous vote by those members present.


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