Sportsman of the Year

 Sportsman of the Year Award


A.    Awarded to the member amassing the greatest total of Sportsman’s Points from July 1 through June 30 of each year. 


B.    Sportsman of the Year Points are earned under the following criteria:


        1. Members receive ten, (10) points for each club meeting, club tournament or marathon fl fishing.  Members also receive ten (10) points for participating in the 1st Saturday Open Tournaments. 


        2. Members receive ten, (10) points for each new member they bring into the club, and whose club dues and fees are paid in full.


        3. Members receive ten, (10) points for serving on a committee.



Sportsman Of The Year was initiated in 2002. 





Wayne Crook



Bill Noble



Current Sportsman Of The Year points for the 2003/2004 season:

Name Points
Earl Loggains 410
Gerry Ransom 280
Andy Foulkrod 280
David O'Neal 260
Wayne Crook 260
Larry Marshall 240
Roger Noriega 240
Ron Wall 220
David Weston 220
Rod Gaskill 200
David Galanffy 200
Leisha Loggains 180
Bill Noble 170
Steve Marsh 150
Chuck Taylor 130
Mike Luker 110
Rick Simons 110
Efrain Lozano 100
Bill Johhson 80
John Reed 60
Omar Lomas 20
Gary Riggs 40
Cliff Brown 20
Jack Peters 10


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