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2001-2002 Fishing summary

LBJ:  Ten members fished a tough tournament. Only two fish were caught. The team of Cliff Brown and New Member David Galanffy took first place with one fish weighing 1.2 lbs after a dead fish penalty. The Team of David O'neal and Wayne Crook took second place with one fish. Big Bass went to David Galanffy with the 1.2 lb.

STILLHOUSE: Twelve members fished  a disappointing outing. The Hot weather have made fished tough the past few weeks. The Team of Steve Marsh and Gary Atkinson took first place with 2 bass weighing 3.37 pounds. David O"Neal and guest Todd placed second with one fish at 2.24 pounds.  Big Bass went to David O"Neal  2.24 pounds.

TRADINGHOUSE: Sixteen Members and Two Guest fished what turned out to be a good tournament considering the Lake was 3-4 feet low. First place went to new members Bob Paine and Daniel Barnes with 4 fish weighing 7.57 pounds. Second Place went to Andy Foulkrod and (guest ) Rod Gaskil with 3 fish at 7.39 pounds. Third place went to Jack Peters and David O'Neal  weighing 2 fish at 3.95 pounds. Big Bass went to Rod Gaskil with a fish weighing 3.06 lb.

ROAD RUNNER: Eighteen Members and one guest fished  several local lakes to catch 57 bass. First place went to David O'Neal and Daniel Barnes with 11 bass weighing 36.45 pounds, from Town Lake in Austin. Second place went to Steve Marsh and Ron Wall with 12 bass weighing 32.34 pounds from Decker lake. Third place with 10 bass weighing 23.61 pounds went to Bob Bingle and guest Bill Noble. 

STILLHOUSE: Sixteen Member caught 20 bass on this local Lake. First Place went to Daniel Barnes and  Larry Marshall with 7 bass weighing 10.01 pounds. Efrain Lozano and Carlos Rodriguez placed second with 4 bass weighing 8.94 pounds. Third place went to Marvin Hughes and Earl Loggains with 3 bass weighing 7.77 pounds. 

DECKER: Eight teams fished tough cold conditions to catch  22 bass weighing 62.03 pounds. The temp was hovering around the 50 degree mark and water temp was 65 to 75 degree's. Most fish were caught on rattle traps and spinner baits. First place went to David O'neal and partner Lance Atkins with 5 bass weighing 15.18 pounds. Second place went to Daniel Barnes and Bill Noble with 5 bass weighing 13.31 pounds. Third place went to Shawn Uschan and Wayne Crook with 5 bass weighing 12.40 pounds. Big bass went to Jack Peters and Shawn with Two 4.68 pound fish. The fish in this lake are really healthy.  

FAYETTE COUNTY: This lake has continuously produced not only great numbers, but also good healthy fish for The Central Texas Bass Anglers. Twenty three members and one guest papered 74 Bass weighing 208lbs. First place went to David Gallanffy & Rick (Guest) with 10 Bass weighing 29.48lbs. Second place went to Bob Bingle and Bill Noble with 9 Bass weighing 28.82lbs. Third Place went to David O'neal and Daniel Barnes with 8 Bass weighing 22.87lbs. Big Bass went to Marvin Hughes with a beautiful 8.23 pound Bass.  Water Temps were ranging from 61 to 78 degrees depending how close you were to the discharge. Bass were caught on just about anything you put in front of them. Crank Baits, Spinner baits, Texas Rig Worms (Red Shad) all worked.  

BASTROP: The club changed from Choke Canyon to Bastrop / Fayette for this two day tournament. Eighteen member and three guest had a great day on Bastrop Saturday.  Fifty Seven bass were caught weighing 145.94 lbs. First Place went to Rick Simons with 5 bass weight 14.07 pounds, Rick fished alone and received weight and 1/2 for a total weight of 21.10lbs. Second place went to Steve Marsh and Ron Abrahamson with 7 bass weighing 20.78 pounds. Third Place went to Bill Noble and Efrain Lozano 10 Bass weighing 20.38lbs. Big Bass went to Steve with a nice 6.17 pound bass. Most fish were caught on spinner baits and C-rig lizards. The CTBA promotes safe fishing, Sunday's tournament on Fayette was cancelled due to gusty winds and cold weather. Next month is Fayette If you are looking for one of the best clubs in  Central Texas give us a call.  

FAYETTE COUNTY: Twenty eight Members fished tough condition on Saturday and Sunday to catch some really nice stringers. Steve Marsh and Gerry Ransom placed first with 54lbs, Mark Busch and Guest Mike placed second with 52lbs. Third place went to Jack Peters and Jack Pearl with 32lbs of fish. The fishing was good considering the weather was not. Big Bass for Saturday went to Steve Marsh at 7.41lbs. Sundays Big Bass went to Jack Peters Daniel Barnes 5.71pounders. Most fish were caught on spinner baits and crank baits. The club changed tournament lakes for next month. We will be heading to O.H.Ivie.   

O.H.Ivie: As usual fishing at O.H.Ivie was great! Eighteen members fished the best conditions the club has faced on Ivie the past 4 years. Fishing the day after the New moon turned out to be at the club's advantage. with temperatures Thursday and Friday in the mid 80's the bass were ready to move in and start feeding before the spawn. Buck bass were in the shallow water along with a few big females. Water surface Temp Saturday and Sunday ranged from 61-67 depending on lake location. Fish were not picky on what they wanted to eat, they were picky about colors. We caught fish on Flukes, Trick worms, Power worms, Lizards and Spinner Baits. Saturday's blue bird made darker colors work the best, Blue Fleck and Watermelon were the choice. With overcast skies on Sunday lighter colors, pearl flukes, along with baby bass colors worked well. Winds were out of the northeast at about 7 mph both days and air Temperatures both days were in the mid to upper 80's. Water was clear, with visibility over 10 ft. Steve Marsh and Keith Maxwell took first with 19 bass at 49.96lbs, Cliff Brown and Bob Paine placed 2nd with 19 bass weighing in at 39.96lbs, Rod Gaskil and David O'Neal placed 3rd with 15 bass weighing in at 37.43lbs. Big Bass Day one went to Earl Loggains with a beautiful bass that weighed in at 8.60lbs. Steve Marsh on day two weighed in a monster Ivie Bass at 9.34lbs. These big Bass were caught in shallow water on a Pearl Fluke, and a Trick worm. A total of 106 bass were caught weighing in at 248lbs.  Great Fishing !!!!!