43 Members of Republican House Join Democrats

Rep. Sean Maloney, pictured above with his long-time partner and their family, late in the evening on Wednesday May 25th, proposed an amendment to an appropriations bill that passed in the US Republican House thanks to 43 GOP members that joined the Democrats. The amendment would legitimize President Barack Obama’s push to embrace transgenderism by requiring the federal government to follow Obama’s executive order 13672. The amendment instructs the federal government to deny contracts to companies that don’t follow mandated sexual identity, including allowing men into female restrooms and showers in their private corporate offices. This tactic is similar to the attempt by Charlotte City Council to place requirements on the city’s contracts when passing their non-discrimination ordinance in March which was later struck down by HB2.

It is a shame that a Republican House is forcing Obama’s radical agenda down the American people’s throat. The Obama administration wants you to believe that a man who “thinks” he is female should have access to the same facilities as real women. It is dangerous to force federal contractors to allow individuals free access to the private facilities of the opposite sex. We won’t let the actions of 43 Republicans in Congress along with President Obama who is willing to put the safety of women and children at risk to go unnoticed.

Republican House Votes


US Representatives from North Carolina voting in Favor of the amendment were all Democrats: Rep George Butterfield (D), Rep David Price (D), Rep Alma Adams (D).  All North Carolina Republicans voted against the amendment. Remember these names and how they voted when casting your vote in the June 7th Primary.

It’s not too late to stop this dangerous Maloney baloney. The House has yet to approve final passage of this bill.  Contact your US Representative today and urge them to vote “NO” on any appropriations bill that includes a Maloney amendment or any amendment which goes along with Obama’s transgender bathroom agenda. Tell them it’s just common sense: No Men in Women’s Bathrooms, Showers or Locker Rooms.