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Thank you for protecting our privacy and safety by passing HB 2! I appreciate your concern during the special session to protect our families and our businesses. I urge you to continue to stand strong on HB 2! HB2 Should Not Be Repealed.

  • Remaining committed to HB2 signals to us, your constituents, that the NC legislature remains firmly committed to our safety and privacy in bathrooms, locker rooms and shower facilities. Do not be intimidated by the pressures of sports organizations, corporations, the Obama Administration or external agitators living outside of North Carolina.
  • Allowing municipalities to create local ballot initiatives around non-discrimination ordinances will create a lack of uniformity of the law across our state. It will create additional burden on any business operating in multiple jurisdictions and would ultimately undermine the authority of the NC General Assembly.
  • Any types of commissions to oversee HB2 is ill advised and will be a costly solution that will keep House Bill 2 in the headlines well into next year.
  • “The Moral Monday Coalition” will not accept any changes to HB2.  They will continue to blow their air horns, hold their sit-ins and call on public boycotts. They are likely yell louder and ramp up their pressure if any changes are made.  Taking a firm stand behind HB2 or making changes to strengthen the bill is the only way to ensure the boisterous bullies are stopped at the door of the General Assembly.

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As Expected, Here is a Sampling of the Responses from the Moral Monday Coalition

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