Local North Carolina school boards aren’t the only ones upset at the Obama Administration; so is the US Senate. A little more than a week after President Obama’s Dept of Education and Dept of Justice sent directives to every district in America Republicans are saying “not so fast!”

Twenty-five GOP senators, including both NC Senator Richard Burr, NC Senator Thom Tillis (pictured above) and key committee chairmen, had very strong words for Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Education Secretary John King in a letter fighting back on their dangerous mandates and threat of public funding to schools and universities.

Senate Bathroom Guidance Letter

Although the Progressive-Left wants to make schools their incubators for the Human Rights Campaign, they will have to persuade most of America which disagrees with them. North Carolina is among a growing list of states who are refusing to be run over by federal bullies at the DOJ and DOE.

“Every transgender person,” they write, “is someone’s child and should be treated with respect. But that does not justify a federal executive agency acting as a national school board telling 100,000 public schools how to resolve the issue in their local schools. It is highly inappropriate for a federal bureaucrats to pretend their guidance is law. If Congress wanted to enact these policies, they would have but they are not a popular and not safe.  “Economic terrorism is not a reason to make laws,” Kinter said. “The NCAA is a bunch of Left-wing loonies.” Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts has told reporters that the NCAA is free to act as it sees fit—but then, so is Nebraska.”

It is possible to be respectful to everyone without bending to the whims of radical transgender activists.