In a matter of hours Roy Cooper flips back & forth on his position on ‪#‎HB2‬.

For months, Cooper has repeatedly told the press and supporters that he will not stand up for HB2. In March, he refused to defend HB2 in a lawsuit filed against the State by the ACLU. Then, he Roy Cooperrefused to defend the State against the Obama administration’s lawsuit against HB2 and the Department of Justice’s directive to all public schools that they must allow boys and girls to share the same bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers. Since Roy Cooper wouldn’t do his job as Attorney General, Governor McCrory and the General Assembly were forced to file their own lawsuits to challenge the federal bullying of the Obama administration.

In fact, Attorney General Roy Cooper has repeatedly vowed to undermine the state. Don’t forget it was less than 30 days ago when reacting to the Obama Administration’s letter over the law, Cooper said, “Enough is enough. It’s time for the Governor to put our schools and economy first and work to repeal this devastating law.” Again just yesterday, on the campaign trail, Roy Cooper was back to trash-talking North Carolina’s HB2 and calling for its repeal!

However, on the Friday before the Memorial Day weekend, Attorney General Roy Cooper told a federal court that his office intends to appear on behalf of the State of North Carolina in the lawsuit involving the U.S. Department of Justice.

Roy Cooper McCrory Tweet

Roy Cooper today issued a statement saying his “about-face” is all procedural and Governor McCrory’s office hired outside counsel to make sure the state and the Governor’s office was properly represented.

Make no mistake about it–there is nothing procedural about this flip-flop by Cooper. 

Polling has continuously shown that Roy Cooper’s failure to do his only job by defending HB2 and defending the privacy and safety of all NC children against the Obama Administration’s overreach, has put Cooper on the losing side of his gubernatorial election. After milking every possible dime from extremist LGBT groups and flying to San Francisco to raise money for his campaign with business leaders boycotting and standing against North Carolina, Cooper flip flops under the guise of “procedure.”

How can we trust that Cooper will defend & protect the privacy and safety of all women and children of North Carolina in these critical lawsuits? It’s time for Roy Cooper to resign his position as Attorney General and assume his full time position as flip-flopping politician running for office.