Tim Moore supports special session

THANK YOU: Speaker Moore, Senate Leader Berger, Lt. Governor Forest, & Attorney General Candidate Buck Newton!

We have great news! Less than 24 hours ago, we launched a statewide petition urging Governor McCrory, Speaker Tim Moore, and Senate Leader Phil Berger to call for a Special Session to overturn Charlotte’s Bathroom Ordinance.

Your petitions at www.keepNCsafe.org are working…

Speaker Tim Moore released a statement today indicating he had received requests from over three-fifths of House Members to call for a Special Session to handle the unconstitutional Charlotte Bathroom Ordinance.

Then, Attorney General candidate Buck Newton and Senate Leader Phil Bergerheld a press conference in order to remind current Attorney General Roy Cooper to do the ONE thing he was elected to do: defend the North Carolina Constitution and her laws.

Shortly after, Lt. Governor Dan Forest posted a statement on his Facebook page saying, “If 3/5ths of the Senators agree, as President of the Senate, I will call them back in for a special session.”

We need you to sign your name to www.keepNCsafe.org now more than ever in order to urge the North Carolina Senate and Governor McCrory to join the North Carolina House in calling for a Special Session to protect women, children, and businesses across our state.

Share the #keepNCsafe petition with ten of your friends, family, and community TONIGHT.