Don’t be misled by PayPal and other CEOs would have you believe that North Carolina’s now controversial HB 2 Privacy Act sets North Carolina far behind the rest of the nation. In fact 31 other states currently do not have state laws that include harmful policies that Charlotte attempted to enact. Polling across North Carolina WRAL, Civitas and Charlotte Observer all show a majority of North Carolinians didn’t support Charlotte’s harmful unconstitutional bathroom ordinance and support the state’s actions to overturn their actions.

North Carolina is consistently ranked near the top of all of these national polls for best states for business.  On Forbes, 7 of the nation’s top 10 states (NC #2) ranked best for business don’t have laws like the one Charlotte City Council attempted to pass this Spring and on Chief Executive’s list 9 of the nation’s top 10 states (NC #3) you won’t find these harmful ordinance.  Where will you find them? 9 of the 10 worst states for Business.

States with Favorability based on Sexual Orientation

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