Thank You to GOP NC House Delegation for Defending The State Against Obama Administration’s Unconstitutional Bullying

All Republican members of NC House delegation voted for an appropriations amendment passed late Wednesday evening which made it clear that it is illegal for the Obama administration to withhold federal tax dollars paid by North Carolinians from them. The Obama Administration has been participating in a federal blackmail campaign against the state of North Carolina for a common sense law that protects the privacy and safety of all children in our state. Earlier in May, the U.S. Department of Justice threatened to withhold federal education funding from public schools that refused to force girls to shower in the presence of boys.

Tami Fitzgerald“It is a great encouragement to the constituents of North Carolina’s U.S. House delegation to have their leaders stand up for the privacy and safety of all children in North Carolina and stand against the Obama Administration’s federal blackmail which is tantamount to extortion. Every child in North Carolina deserves their basic right to privacy, and even the President does not have jurisdiction to steal that right from their hands. We look forward to our U.S. Senators following suit in defense of North Carolina, and all states, against President Obama’s egregious overreach.” —Tami Fitzgerald, Executive Director of the North Carolina Values Coalition