Gov Pat McCroryToday Governor Pat McCrory turned his back on the very privacy protections he championed for the last nine months by calling a special session of the North Carolina Legislature on Wednesday, December 21st.  We believe any attempt to repeal HB2 (in part or in whole) is an affront to the privacy, dignity, and safety of my family and to preserving freedom—particularly economic freedom. Even though Donald Trump won the Presidential election, Lt. Governor Dan Forest was overwhelmingly re-elected, and Republicans in the House and Senate were re-elected with veto-proof majorities, Governor McCrory has sided with his former opponent Roy Cooper by calling back the legislators to Raleigh just days before Christmas.

A vote to repeal NC’s privacy law betrays those who worked hard this past election to make sure the Obama Administration and its cohorts’ unlawful, coercive, out-of-touch mandates would no longer dictate to Americans and their families. Lawmakers shouldn’t now betray those who supported them and compromise commonsense principles, like privacy, dignity, and freedom for all citizens. To do so would be to advance the Obama Administration’s agenda, not freedom and commonsense.

No basketball game, corporation, or entertainment event is worth even one little girl being sexually assaulted in a bathroom or one 14-year old girl losing her privacy and dignity to a 14-year old boy in a locker room. Nor is it worth one business owner being put out of business or losing their livelihood. Please put a stop to this insanity and vote NO!

If HB2 is repealed, Charlotte and other cities in North Carolina have indicated they will immediately work with the Human Rights Campaign to enact similar ordinances that jeopardize the privacy and safety of our families and our freedom to live and work according to our deeply held beliefs. We ask our legislators to stand strong on HB2!

Because of an activist court, all legislators will be facing an election again this year. Sign the petition and tell them you will not support a member of the General Assembly who backs down on HB2 and ask them to put freedom and privacy first so we can continue to support them and all the great things they have done for North Carolina.

Sign The Petition

While individual lawmakers may have varying views on the situation in Charlotte, the General Assembly leadership has been the most vocal in supporting HB2. Ask the leadership to continue their support by reaching their offices at the numbers listed below:

Rep. Tim Moore – (919) 733-3451 | Speaker of the House of Representatives

Sen. Phil Berger – (919) 733-5708 | Senate President Pro Tem