Mark Harris For Congress

Mark Harris at a KeepNCSafe Rally in Charlotte Calling for the General Assembly Special Session to Protect Women & Children in Bathrooms.

Tami Fitzgerald, Executive Director at NC Values Coalition, On Harris For Congress

You know it’s not often that you meet someone who has the natural ability to lead other people and command their respect while also inspiring them. But, that’s what Mark Harris is—a natural born leader. He inspires people, exerts tireless effort to doing what is right, stands on his principles, and puts God first and his family second. Mark Harris will be one of the all-time greatest principled leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Today, it seems that we are asked to support leaders who don’t really live up to their rhetoric. They say one thing and do another. They campaign on conservative values, yet they fail to exhibit integrity and honesty in their personal dealings. That’s why it is refreshing when you meet a leader like Mark Harris. Mark always does what is true and right. Mark is genuine and sincere and won’t get to Washington and change.

But that’s not all. Mark just flat wears himself out to serve the people of North Carolina. I first met Mark when we worked together to lead the effort to pass North Carolina’s Marriage Amendment. Mark traveled the State speaking to people of faith about the importance of protecting and cherishing marriage. He challenged church leaders and pastors to stand up for marriage, because God created it to be the bedrock of our civilization.

Leader With KeepNCSafe Coalition

Mark also traveled the State to recruit and train pastors and their churches to be more involved in our political process, so that we can continue to be a nation that follows God. Mark knew that without the involvement of the Church, our society is on a steep decline into secularism and sexual libertarianism. Mark has the vision to know we must save our Country from the downward spiral we are on, but he also has the fortitude and courage to roll up his sleeves and go to work!

This year and last, Mark was at the forefront leading the charge to stop the runaway City Council of Charlotte from imposing a radical social agenda on our State with the passage of their ridiculous bathroom ordinance. Mark stood at the forefront with the people of Charlotte against this insane attack on our children’s privacy and safety, and his leadership is one reason the insanity was replaced with common sense—no men in women’s bathrooms!

Primary is June 7th

I urge you to go out and vote in the primary for the 9th District Congressional seat, and when you vote, vote for a true leader—Mark Harris. What better man to lead the 9th District than a man who has already been leading on the issues that matter most to our families? You won’t have to worry that your vote will be lost on someone who will disappoint, because you can vote for a real, genuine, authentic leader who will make us all proud—Mark Harris.