Every school in North Carolina maintains separate restrooms, locker rooms, and shower facilities for boys and girls. The reasons are obvious – men and women are biologically different and need privacy and security when using the facilities.

In 1972 the government passed Title IX to ensure that women were given equal opportunities in school as those afforded to men. Now, more than 40 years later, the Department of Education and the Department of Justice have interpreted the 1972 law to require public schools across the country to open up the restrooms, locker rooms, and shower facilities to people of the opposite sex – meaning the schools must let boys use girls facilities and vice versa. If left unchallenged, this shocking decision will radically affect all students at public schools across the country. Ground Zero for this attack is in North Carolina, where the Federal Government and the ACLU have filed separate suits challenging state laws that require public schools to limit the use of gender specific facilities to those of the same biological sex.

If the federal government can bully North Carolina by demanding restrooms and shared facilities be open to all, regardless of biology, then the privacy and safety of all students, particularly girls, is at risk. The federal guidelines merely require men to claim that they identify as women to enter the women’s facilities. There is no requirement that they actually wear women’s clothing or otherwise present themselves as women. Putting aside the transgender issue, this creates a major loophole for men with ill intentions to access women’s facilities. In addition, these guidelines ignore victims of sexual abuse and the real trauma that they may experience by disrobing in the presence of men who take the opportunity to use the girls’ facilities.

Alliance Defending Freedom LogoWe believe that these federal guidelines put all students at risk, especially girls and women, and violate a constitutionally protected right to physical privacy, In addition, the demands constitute a gross overreach of power by the Federal Government. Last week, Alliance Defending Freedom filed suit on behalf of college students at public universities and parents of public school students to stop the federal government’s tactics. Rather than name and publicly identify each student and family, “North Carolinians for Privacy” has formed to represent those parents and students willing to insist that the differences between men and women be celebrated, honored, and protected. Joining this umbrella group also minimizes unwanted public attention for students and families.

But we need your help to show the court that there are many students who care about privacy and security. Please review the information at signyoursupport.com and consider forwarding the link to inform your constituents, members, and friends about this opportunity. Our goal is to have hundreds or thousands of students and parents join North Carolinians for Privacy within the next week, because we know there is strength in numbers.