It wasn’t HB2 that hurt McCrory. Drilling down to the local level, the results are even more surprising.

Cornelius alone enough to deliver Cooper victory; Huntersville and Iredell roar!

Cornelius is bedrock GOP establishment territory. It’s home to a state representative and senator. U.S. Senator Thom Tillis started his political career there as a town commissioner.

However, it is also ground zero for the anti-toll movement. The anti-toll group Widen I77 was founded there, and the town board was among the first to take an official anti-toll position. The board even censured the mayor and called for his resignation because of his support for the project.

In 2012 McCrory carried Cornelius by a whopping 74%. 2016 was a different story; he barely carried a majority, at 50.6%. The total vote swing was 6,196. Given Cooper’s current margin of victory of 5,000 votes (pending a recount), Cornelius alone delivered a Cooper victory.

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