On Tuesday, June 14th approximately 80 pastors from across North Carolina traveled into Raleigh to hold a press conference and participate in a legislative day of action in support of the privacy and safety of all North Carolinians at the North Carolina General Assembly.

They started the day with a press conference in prayer.  “We prayed for “our brothers and sisters who lost their lives and for those that are grieving due to the senseless violent shootings in Orlando.” Family is very important aspect to the hispanic and latino culture—so today it was natural for these pastors to stand in prayer for our nation and our state.

They continued at the press conference to say, “We also stand collectively to say, ‘we believe we have a duty to protect the privacy, dignity, and safety of all North Carolinians, especially our children.’ The support of privacy and safety is so vast that it crosses party lines, race lines, nationality lines, faith lines, and more. This is clear: the great majority of North Carolinians believe our children deserve protection.” Today’s meeting shows this to be especially true within the hispanic and latino community.

After the press conference attendees were scheduled to meet with legislators.

Keep Women Safe

Attendees held signs in English and Spanish that read: “It’s Just Common Sense: No Men in Women’s Bathrooms – Keep Women & Kids Safe”

Speakers Included:

Pastor Maudia Melendez— Pastor Maudia Melendez represents Jesus Ministry International. Maudia Melendez was born in Nicaragua and immigrated to the United States in 1987 and has since become an American citizen. In 2002 Melendez founded Jesus Ministry Inc. in order for the Latino community to assimilate the United States culture. She was the recipient of the 2007 “La Noticia Excelente Award” and listed by Charlotte Magazine as one of the top nine most powerful women in North Carolina.

Pastor Dan Rodriguez— Pastor Dan Rodriguez is Chaplain of Calvary Jail Ministries, Winston Salem, North Carolina.

Pastor Luis Colon— Pastor Luis Colon is representing Iglesia: La Nueva Jerusalem ‘Ciudad de Dios,’ in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

Reverand Jacquline Tavirez— Reverand Jacquline Tavirez is representing the NC Ministry Chaplain Association in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Pastor Daniel Busquetts— House of Restoration Latin Harvest, he is also the Chaplain of Mecklenburg County Jail, Charlotte, North Carolina. (Interpretor: Pastor Dan Rodriguez)

Pastor Armando Perdomo— Pastor Armando Perdomo is representing Providence Road Church of Christ in Charlotte, North Carolina.

North Carolina General Assembly Building

North Carolina General Assembly Building