In recent days Equality NC and Human Rights Campaign have distributed press releases listing companies that are publically voicing concern over North Carolina’s bathroom bill.  The responses have ranged from disappointment to a full support of a repeal effort on HB2.  It is always helpful to know where companies and brands stand on issues that are important to you when deciding how to make a purchase.


Faith Driven Consumer

Faith Driven Consumer™ Faith Equality Index (FEI)

Rating American Brands on Equality for Faith Driven Consumers and Employees 

One of the greatest strengths of the American marketplace is its diversity. We are a unique blend of people whose identities have been woven together into a rich and beautiful tapestry that is the envy of the world, reflected in our motto, E pluribus unum—out of many, one.

It is in this context of America’s highly pluralistic culture and economy that Faith Driven Consumer has developed its Faith Equality Index (FEI). We have established the standard by which Corporate America demonstrates its commitment to full inclusion of the Faith Driven Consumer market segment as an equally valued, welcomed and respected community in the rich rainbow of diversity. The FEI rates and encourages the equal application of equal protections for all groups and measures a company’s commitment and actions in order to create parity, at minimum, between Faith Driven Consumers and other groups that are embraced in the rainbow of employment, philanthropy, and marketing diversity.

Faith Driven Consumers are Christians who proactively live out their faith throughout their life – including where they shop, what they buy and the entertainment choices they make. Faith Driven Consumers make daily decisions in the context of their biblical worldview and view their choices through that lens as a matter of stewardship. As Corporate America embraces this opportunity to better serve Faith Driven Consumers—a rapidly emerging and economically powerful community that numbers 41 million Americans and spends $2 trillion annually, everyone will benefit. Companies that score a minimum of 50 points and are in the top 10% overall are recognized as “Best Places to Shop and Work for Faith Equality and Inclusion” and are welcome to use this distinction in their marketing and recruitment efforts. Brands that have responded to the community saying “We Welcome You” are featured as preferred brands of Faith Driven Consumers.

The Human Rights Campaign created the Corporate Equality Index in 2013 to recognize and require companies to embrace inclusiveness. Companies that score 100% have sexual orientation and gender identity non-discrimination protections, require contractors to abide by those non-discrimination policies and implement internal requirements prohibiting giving to organizations that lack a written policy non-discrimination policy on the basis of sexual orientation and/or gender identity.