DontDoItCharlotte Dont Do it Charlotte Bathroom Bill

Have signed the #DontDoItCharlotte letter asking Charlotte City Council not to pass their non-discrimination ordinance.

To the Members of Charlotte City Council:

I am opposed to City of Charlotte’s non-discrimination laws council passed in March and I am asking that you consider nullifying the ordinance because:

  1. It is harming the reputation of Charlotte and the State of North Carolina and was the catalyst for passing House Bill 2.
  2. It endangers women and children by allowing males to use female restrooms, showers, and locker rooms (and vice versa) based on what gender they “identify” with. Indecent exposure and sexual assaults have occurred in other cities with similar ordinances.
  3. It violates the constitutional right to privacy of all citizens of Charlotte by allowing a member of the opposite sex to view a person while engaging in activities such as undressing, using restrooms, or showering.
  4. It compromises the religious freedom of Charlotte business owners by forcing them to provide services or promote messages that are in violation of their religious beliefs.
  5. It creates an undue regulatory burden on private businesses and unnecessarily expose them to legal harassment.
  6. It requires the City to engage in impermissible discrimination on the basis of religion because many businesses that currently have contracts with the City of Charlotte will be forced to give up that business or adopt non-discrimination policies that violate their religious beliefs.

I believe nullifying the changes passed in March and rolling back to the prior nondiscrimination laws adequately protect the City of Charlotte, its businesses and citizens with equal rights and free exercise of religious beliefs. The residents of Charlotte do not discriminate and we do not need the expanded categories in the March ordinance.

Since Governor McCrory and the North Carolina General Assembly enacted HB 2 there is no need for the ordinance changes in Chapters 2, 12 and 22 of the Charlotte City Code and I am agreeding with the Charlotte Chamber and #DontDoItCharlotte asking that you nullify your March vote to expand the City’s non-discrimination ordinance.

Sign the DontDoItCharlotte Petition – Tell Charlotte City Council They Got it Wrong