As you know, we have been advocating for a special legislative session to repeal Charlotte’s bathroom and business-killing ordinance before it goes into effect on April 1st and before it spreads to other cities in our State.

The North Carolina Constitution states that there are two ways to call a special session: (1) either the Governor may call a special session, or (2) the Lt. Governor, as President of the Senate, together with the Speaker of the House may call a Special Session by joint proclamation once they receive written requests from 3/5 of the members of the General Assembly.

Last week, Speaker Tim Moore released a public statement indicating he has received notice from 3/5 of the North Carolina House of Representatives in support of calling for a Special Session on Charlotte’s harmful bathroom ordinance.

On multiple occasions over the last month, Lt. Governor Dan Forest has stated publically that he will exercise this authority as soon as he has written notice in hand from 3/5 of the North Carolina Senators. Therefore, it is clear that we must turn our collective efforts to focus on the Senate.

You can sign the petition on to email those who represent you and call your NC Senator today to urge them to support Lt Governor Dan Forest’s call for a special session! To look up their number check out the Contact My Representative