In 2014 The Charlotte Non-Discrimination Ordinance Coalition was formed in 2014 as a nonpartisan coalition of groups and individuals whose aim is to promote nondiscrimination laws and policies within the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. Members of coalition that are currently pushing the bill include, MeckPAC, EqualityNC, Charlotte Business Guild, Genderlines, LGBT Democrats of Mecklenburg County, ACLU – Charlotte, Human Rights Campaign.
The group has been engaged in strategic advocacy, community organizing, and relationship building. CNDOC has been strategically lobbying city council and staff to pass significant changes to non-discrimination ordinances within the City of Charlotte. Without these laws, the group sites it cannot attract and grow a new “creative class” of entrepreneurs and big thinkers who engage in the business of innovation.

The group is seeking to modify:
  • Commercial Non-Discrimination Policy: Part II, Chapter 2 – Administration, Article V
  • Charlotte Mecklenburg Community Relations Committee – Part II, Chapter 12 – Human Relations, Article II
  • Public Accommodations – Part II, Chapter 12 – Human Relations, Article III
  • Passenger Vehicles for Hire – Part II, Chapter 22 – Vehicles for Hire, Article II, Div. 1

On March 22, 2015 the Charlotte City Council heard from over 100 concerned citizens of the area during a 6 hour city council meeting.  Two votes were taken and  both failed to pass the proposed ordinance.

In November, 2015 the City voted in Jennifer Roberts as Mayor and she publicly committed on election night that the non-discrimination ordinance revote would be one of the first actions she would encourage City Council to take in 2015.

Dont Do It Charlotte Rally


On February 1, 2016 the Community Relations Committee will host a community forum and hire actors to present scripted messages followed by small group discussions.

On February 8th the City Council is expected to discuss the ordinance during the dinner portion of their meeting.  It is widely expected that the non-discrimination ordinance will be added to the February 22nd meeting agenda. It is unclear if the city will allow public comment during this meeting.