Shortly after school was out for the Summer, CMS Superintendent Ann Clark quietly chose to go against the majority of Char Meck citizens wishes by deciding to implement the Obama Administration directive on transgender bathrooms by letting students choose their gender identity, their name & and bathroom and locker room preferences (all without parental knowledge) when teachers and students return to school this month. 

Charlotte-Mecklenburg School boy in girls bathroom

Late on Thursday, August 4th, CMS Superintendent, Ann Clark issued the following statement:

“CMS remains committed to nurturing a safe and welcoming learning environment for every student. As a result of yesterday’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling, we have placed a temporary hold on the section of the CMS bullying prevention regulation which states that transgender students will be given access to the restroom and locker room facilities corresponding to their gender identity. The rest of the regulation, which is intended to promote consistency in anti-bullying support for all students, will remain intact.  CMS will respect the Supreme Court’s decision just as we did that of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.”

The School Board needs to hear from you either by phone, by email or in person at the August 9th Meeting. A school should never create a policy which keeps parents in the dark, allows children of different biological sex to shower and change in the same facilities. It is unclear which parts of the CMS policy will stay in effect and how or when the District will reconsider this policy. We encourage you to contact your local school principal regarding your concerns. Other communities around the nation have had similar bathroom policies reserved or put on hold when the parents of the community have stood up and expressed their feelings.

Sign the CMS Petition

Will You:

  • RSVP to let us know you are coming to the August 9th Rally in Uptown Charlotte outside the Charlotte Gov’t Center at 5PM
  • Join us at the CMS Board Meeting at 6PM at the Gov’t Center in Uptown
  • Send out our CMS Board Petition to all members of CMS Board – We Don’t want this policy in Charlotte.
  • If you are CMS parent, you could join a group to take legal action against the School Board.
  • Please share this information with your neighbors, family, church family and leadership. Live broadcasts of regular board meetings air on CMS-TV Cable 3 and are video-streamed live.

Here is contact information you need.


Ann Clark, Superintendent

[email protected];

(980) 343-3000

Mary McCray, Chairperson

[email protected];


Elyse Dashew, Vice Chairperson

[email protected];


Ericka Ellis Stewart

[email protected];


Rhonda Lennon

[email protected];


Thelm Byers

[email protected];


Ruby Jones

[email protected];


Tom Tate

[email protected];


Eric Davis

[email protected];


Paul Bailey

[email protected];



The CMS Board policy ignores state law and jeopardizes the privacy, safety, and dignity children. Children should never be forced to share intimate facilities with members of the opposite sex. As educators you have a responsibility to protect EVERY child’s right to privacy. HB2 allows for common sense accommodations that protect the privacy of EVERY child. Don’t let the Federal Government tell us how to run our schools. Ann Clark’s decision reflects neither courage, understanding, nor compassion. On the contrary, it violates thousands of children’s privacy rights and dignity interests by forcing students to share restrooms, locker rooms, and accommodations on overnight trips with members of the opposite biological sex. Do what is right and restore dignity and privacy in our school bathrooms and showers.