401 North Carolinians Businesses Have Signed in Support of HB 2 to Help #KeepNCSafe

Dear Business Leader:

Thank you for your swift action to help stop the non-discrimination ordinance scheduled to become law on April 1st.  As you know, the Charlotte non-discrimination ordinance will add new terms—“marital status, familial status, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression”—to the public accommodations laws, the vehicles for hire ordinances, and the ordinances governing businesses that contract with the city. It will also give the City’s Human Relations Committee enforcement power. In so doing, the City of Charlotte will require many businesses to provide their “goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, and accommodations” to promote messages or ideas (speech) that are contrary to their religious and conscience beliefs about human sexual behavior. If Governor McCrory had not stopped this law from going into effect on April 1st men being given legal access to women’s bathrooms and locker rooms, businesses being sued for declining to participate in same-sex weddings, and undoubtedly, widespread discrimination against Christians.

Below is a letter for Business Leaders to sign to show support for Governor McCrory, our General Assembly and HB 2. We encourage you to sign the letter and then share it with other business leaders across the state…

#DontDoItCharlotte #KeepNCSafe Charlotte Bathroom Bill

Dear Governor McCrory


The Charlotte City Council passed its bathroom ordinance that permits anyone to access the public bathrooms and shower rooms of their choice. Men who claim to identify as women, regardless of their appearance, must be permitted access to bathrooms and shower rooms used by women and girls. This unprecedented new law will harm businesses and job growth within and outside of Charlotte. The ordinance exposes businesses to punitive fines, and owners to actual jail time, if they don’t open up their bathrooms and showers to members of the opposite sex, and it guarantees they will face potentially ruinous lawsuits if they don’t invest in expensive renovations of their bathroom facilities to protect the privacy and safety of their customers and employees. We can see no good reason to jeopardize the small businesses that sustain and create new jobs in North Carolina. Without such ordinances, the state is one of the top five states in the nation in actual and prospective job growth. We urge you to promptly sign legislation to prevent Charlotte and any other city that may follow in its destructive path from enacting such harmful laws.


The Charlotte ordinance applies to all businesses, regardless of size, number of employees, sales or revenue. All businesses will be required to permit men to access public restrooms designated for their women customers and, in most workplaces, used by their women employees. Because the Charlotte ordinance does not define gender identity, a man claiming to identify as a woman cannot be prevented from accessing a woman’s shower or changing room. The risk to the safety and privacy of customers and employees is obvious. Insurance companies already identify bathrooms and shower rooms as one of the most likely areas for sexual assault. The Charlotte ordinance only makes women and girls more vulnerable and the threat of financially ruinous lawsuits more real. And if the owner of a business, such as health club or restaurant, should prevent a man from going into a women’s shower room or bathroom, and who later claims to be transgender, the Charlotte ordinance exposes the owner to punitive fines, and even jail, for trying to protect his customers.


Furthermore, the Charlotte ordinance forces businesses to promote ideas, participate in events, and communicate messages that may violate owners’ core religious or moral convictions. For example, the Charlotte ordinance will force companies to implement policies and internal operating procedures that violate their beliefs about the true nature of human sex and gender.


All businesses and public places are impacted: restaurants, daycares, retail stores, private and public schools, libraries, amusement parks, sporting venues, YMCAs, and health clubs and gyms.


The only way for a business to try to protect its customers, its employees, and itself from lawsuits would be to build single stall bathrooms and shower rooms. This would be cost prohibitive for many, if not most, businesses, and for the few that could afford it, divert limited resources away from more productive uses, such as creating more jobs. North Carolina is rated as one of the top job growth states by Forbes, CNBC, and Chief Executive.net, without such ordinances as Charlotte’s. The last thing we need is to jeopardize our economy, particularly at time many are warning that the economic cycle may soon bring another recession.

We thank you for signing the Bathroom Privacy and Safety Act into law and for standing strong in the face of opposition.  We urge you not to back down, but to continue standing for our North Carolina businesses to insure that our customers, our employees, and our businesses are protected.


    I confirm I am authorized agent or principal of the business listed above and agree to publicly list the business named above as a supporter of HB2 signed into law by Gov McCrory.