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Man Identifies as 6 Year Old Girl; Another as Alien

If you embrace the new social constructs of gender expression and gender identity than you must take a long, hard look at these Champions of Transgenderism Should this 52 year-old transgender man now identifying as a 6 year old girl be in first grade with your children? He divorced his wife and seven kids and now lives with his adopted mummy and a daddy. When Stefonknee Wolscht is not playing dolls with other young girls, he drives a snow plow and tries on dresses and has sexual experiences with Harley-Davidson bikers. Although he is living a disillusion life as...

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University Students Stumble over Who Has Freedom to Live and Work According to Beliefs

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about HB2, city ordinances and religious freedom and the option of creative professionals to live and work according to their beliefs. From fashion designers in New York City to floral designers in small-town Washington State the question is can you refuse a job? What if Sophie Theallet — a well-known fashion designer — were thrown in jail after she told the world she would not design a gown for First Lady Melania Trump? Can you imagine the media firestorm that would create? Then why is it any different if a pro-life photographer in...

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Target Stock Plummets On Lower Than Expected In-Store & On-Line Sales

Shares of Target were down 13.5% ahead of the opening bell on Wall Street today and closed at $57.83 on Tuesday after the big-box retailer missed on earnings for the all important 4th Quarter holiday season. The retailer’s stock stood at $83.98 on April 19, 2016 the day the retailer’s controversial  “transgender-friendly” bathroom policy was announced. Target’s announcement prompted the American Family Association to call for a boycott of the retailer. To date over 1,462,433 million shoppers have signed petitions and pledges to avoid shopping at Target and today’s 4th Quarter results show the impact. Investor Place reported yesterday, “The...

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NC Stands Firmly Behind HB2 Despite Repeal Effort in Special Session

No basketball game, corporation, or entertainment event is worth even one little girl being sexually assaulted in a bathroom or one 14-year old girl losing her privacy and dignity to a 14-year old boy in a locker room. Nor is it worth one business owner being put out of business or losing their livelihood. Efforts for a compromise on North Carolina’s privacy protections law had been going for on for months, almost as soon as the bill pass, and continued past the November election.  Strangely and suddenly during Christmas week Charlotte City Council agreed to a deal to reset...

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Tell the NC General Assembly: No Repeal of HB2 on Wednesday! Send a Message with Our Petition

Today Governor Pat McCrory turned his back on the very privacy protections he championed for the last nine months by calling a special session of the North Carolina Legislature on Wednesday, December 21st.  We believe any attempt to repeal HB2 (in part or in whole) is an affront to the privacy, dignity, and safety of my family and to preserving freedom—particularly economic freedom. Even though Donald Trump won the Presidential election, Lt. Governor Dan Forest was overwhelmingly re-elected, and Republicans in the House and Senate were re-elected with veto-proof majorities, Governor McCrory has sided with his former opponent Roy...

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