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“DON’T SELL US OUT” Declare LGBTQ Advocates Ask Allies To Reject Compromise Deal on HB2

(RALEIGH) The Human Rights Campaign and its North Carolina partner, Equality North Carolina, today urged North Carolina lawmakers to reject a backroom “deal” that would repeal North Carolina’s HB2 law. This week GOP leaders and Governor Cooper have been in continued negotiations to draft compromise bill that would pass both chamber of the North Carolina General Assembly. LGBT advocates said that the most recent proposal would specifically prohibit cities from passing non-discrimination ordinances allowing people to access facilities in accordance with their gender identity, and it would further prohibit municipalities from passing other LGBTQ non-discrimination protections through 2020. Several...

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CMS Halts Plans to Dress-Up Their Gender Unicorn

A Charlotte-Mecklenburg school counselor has confirmed to KeepNCSafe that the Charlotte school district had planned to roll out its “Gender Unicorn training” this month. All teachers were given the approval to start training March 2oth and required to complete it by April 28th as part of a directive from the Office of Civil Rights. The training materials, which included a book, Jacob’s New Dress, for children in the first grade, was developed by the Human Rights Campaign with local input by Dr. Todd Rosendahl, Equality NC’s Director of Youth Policy, a position created in a partnership with Time Out Youth...

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NC Values Coalition Joins 59 Other Groups Pushing for Gorsuch

As US Senate hearings began this morning in Washington DC, NC Values Coalition is among 60 pro-life groups who sent a letter Senators calling for the swift confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. The letter was spearheaded by Susan B. Anthony List and signed by members of the Pro-life Court Coalition which has, for weeks, rallied grassroots online and on the ground in support of Judge Gorsuch. In addition to an online petition campaign, the coalition has focused its efforts on Senate Democrats up for re-election in 2018 states by holding rallies and press conferences in Ohio,...

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Texas Senate Passes Bathroom Bill

On Tuesday, the Texas Senate easily passed their privacy protection bill (SB6), also known as the bathroom bill. After more than four hours of debate on the floor in Austin, the bill passed by a vote of 21-10. Democrat, Sen. Eddie Lucio of Brownsville, broke with his party and voted in favor of the bill. The bill, similar to North Carolina’s HB2, would require people to use bathrooms in public schools, universities and government buildings that match the “biological sex” noted on their birth certificates. The bill would apply to places like the state Capitol in Austin, city halls, state agencies and...

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North Carolina Bill Targets NCAA & ACC over HB2 Bathroom Boycott

North Carolina House Representatives Brody, Millis, Yarborough, Boswell, and Pittman today filed the Athletic Associations Accountability Act (HB 328) which paves the way for North Carolina to file an IRS complaint against the NCAA and ACC after the non-profit sports organizations pulled championships over the state’s privacy protection law, commonly known as HB2. The bill’s author, Representative Mark Brody, R-Union County, is calling on the IRS to review the nonprofit status of NCAA and the Atlantic Coast Conference, based out of Greensboro, for boycotting NC and lobbying against HB2. The bill also requires more transparency from NC Universities concerning verbal and...

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